Our training clients

able learning work nationally to support disabled and disadvantaged people, helping them to prepare for work, find jobs and live more independently. We believe that "everyone has the right to work" and we are passionately driven to turn this vision into a reality for all disabled people.

Find training courses in derbyshireEvery year, our work training clients who face barriers to employment due to a disability, learning difficulties, ill health or social circumstance, results in many more disabled people finding their first job or returning to work after an absence. Additionally, we deliver training courses for workers with disabilities, who are already in employment, helping them to improve their skills and knowledge, and become more attractive employees.

As well as working with individuals to help them to secure the necessary awards in health and safety in the workplace and food safety, which may be necessary for them to secure work in specific sectors, we also work with employers, both private and public sector organisations, delivering specially developed programs to various employee groups which will benefit their business in ensuring an accredited workforce.

We are different from any other training organisations which you may have come across in the past. How? We strongly believe that any training program must ensure that clients leave with new skills and new ways of working that will actively contribute to the success of the individual and of the organisation in which they work. Just as importantly, they must leave feeling motivated and excited by what they have learned with a real desire to put their learning into practice.

To find out more about any of our training courses or if you can’t find the specific course which you are looking for then please contact us for more information.

Our Vision
“To find ways to demolish the d's in disabled”

As a specialist provider of disabled learning programs, our training courses have been instrumental in helping our clients find their first job, return to work or simply improve their chances of finding sustainable employment.

Our work with accredited training partners leading to awards in food safety and health and safety, and our bespoke training courses give our clients the knowledge, skills and confidence to change their lives for the better.

We will ensure that we will not 'rest on our laurels'. We can always be better at what we do and we will continually strive towards perfection. Most importantly, we must always work towards ensuring our clients achieve their ultimate ambitions.