Who are able learning?

Training courses for the disabled from able learning

We are a specialist training organisation who design and deliver accredited training courses which are specially tailored to those who are disabled, have a learning disability or a health condition, which is stopping them from working or limiting their ability within the work environment.

able learning was launched in 2008 to provide those individuals, who we believe are under-represented in the workplace, with the necessary skills, knowledge and most importantly confidence, to improve their chances of finding employment.

We understand the isssues which individuals face when they have a disability, or problems with learning, which may be limiting them from finding work.

As an independent business we work with and support wholeheartedly the Governments strategy of “Making it happen for everyone”

Together we strive to develop enhanced provision and services to public and private sector organisations, and our training clients, individuals both employed and unemployed, by maximising funding opportunities. Funded opportunities are complemented by a wide range of organisational development programs, short courses, executive coaching and bespoke training packages, delivered with the help of our training partners.

Mark Money of Able Learning

Mark Money - Director, able learning

We work together with the UK's leading award bodies for vocational qualifications in accredited food safety and health and safety in the workplace, to provide the skills and knowledge to endeavour the delegates to ascertain  employment back into the job market or enter into employment.

"People with learning disabilities are entitled to the same aspirations and life chances as other people. This is the vision and expectation which the Government first set out in Valuing People in 2001. But although we have made real progress, there is still a lot to do – and that is why we are restating our commitment to leading change to transform people’s lives and opportunities."

"This Government is determined to deliver equality and independent living for all disabled people, as we made clear in our cross-Government report, improving the Life Chances of Disabled People in 2005. Moreover, we recognise that people with learning disabilities are among the groups most often excluded from society. That is why we have made it a priority across Government to support more people with learning disabilities into real jobs and settled homes."

Extract from the Department of Health Publication:

Valuing People Now: a new 3 year strategy for people with learning disabilities

19th January 2009